The Alliance for Women exists to improve the status of women in South Carolina by serving as a disseminator of information, an incubator/resource generator, a convener of expertise and a catalyst for change to champion women in 3 priorities: Economic Autonomy, Health & Well Being and Political Participation.

Economic Autonomy

SC ranks in the bottom 3rd for all states in Employment & Earnings as well as the Social and Economic Autonomy indices.

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Health & Well-Being

Women earn less, are more likely to live in poverty than men, are less likely to own a business and experience many obstacles to good health and well-being.

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Political Participation

SC ranks 50th of all states for women in elected office. And for the first time in 3 decades, its state Senate has no women.

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What's on your Mind?

Women & Politics
Guest columnist Rep. Rita Allison shares her views on why more women are needed in SC politics and offers some advice for women...

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What's in your Purse?

Women & Money

"All Things Being Equal, Money is Power."

Marguerite Willis talked...

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The Bone Wars

Women & Health
Did you know that the frequency of annual incidence of osteoporosis fractures is greater than the total incidence of stroke, heart attack and breast cancer combined? Did you know that the Palmetto State dropped to 48th in annual state health rankings...

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You Should Know

Foundations are funding research on women and girls because otherwise the information is unavailable.  Invisibility is the highest form of discrimination. When you try to find statistics on women and girls, you come up empty handed.

Thanks to the following organizations for their generous support and/or sponsorship:
First Citizens Bank Procter and Gamble New Morning Foundation South Carolina Commission on Women
Women in Philanthropy