Talent Bank

The Talent Bank is used in partnership with the Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics.

The Talent Bank is a private repository of information about women leaders who are interested in being more active at the policy levels of leadership on boards and commissions. Women who register with the Talent Bank will be a part of a private search process to identify potential members for state, local, non-profit and corporate boards and commissions.

The Talent Bank process will work thusly:
  1. Request for nominations received.
  2. Search Talent Bank database for women meeting specified qualifications.
  3. Email women identified advising about match and requesting resume.
  4. Resumes sent to requesting organization.
If you are interested in being a part of The Alliance for Women Talent Bank, please register.  No personal information will be shared with any group or individual without your permission.

If you are interested in identifying talented women for leadership on your board or commission, please list your opening and specifications. We will forward resumes of qualified women who are interested in your board.

*The Alliance for Women does not have the capacity to check resume facts and cannot be held accountable for individual misrepresentations.