November 26, 2017

Privacy Policy

The Alliance for Women was created to help serve the informational and organizational needs of South Carolina women. As such, we seek to provide a place on the Internet individuals can come together and get connected with news, contact legislators, or distribute information to friends. As we continue to develop, you will find easy-to-use tools that will allow you quick access to information that is important to your goals – as well as the ability to share such information with others on our site.

The Alliance for Women collects aggregate information regarding what areas of our site users may access, as well as individual information volunteered by the user, such as contact and survey information and/or site registrations or petition signatures. Information collected is the property of the creator of the petition as well as The Alliance for Women. The information collected is used to improve the content of our site, to notify users about updates to our site, and may also be used by us or other reputable organizations to help contact consumers for marketing purposes. Users should also know that information gathered as a result of signing a petition may also be made public when a signed petition is presented by its creator to the intended target or recipient of the petition (such as a public official).

The Alliance for Women reserves the right to amend its privacy policies at any time for any reason. Given that new unanticipated uses for information may develop which have not been disclosed in our privacy statement, our practices may change from time to time. The Alliance for Women will post such changes to our policy at that time in this section of our site. This privacy policy applies to The Alliance for Women only and has no application to individuals and/or organizations that may use our petition services in order to advance their own petition.

All users have the opportunity to subscribe to our free newsletter and additionally may unsubscribe at any time. This will not, however, remove a user’s information from any petitions he or she has already signed.

The Alliance for Women may employ the use of cookies to store visitor’s preferences, track and target user interests and other session information that may be necessary to provide better service to returning visitors of our site. Some partnering organizations may make use of cookies as well, (advertisers for example), but The Alliance for Women has neither control of nor access to this information.

This website may contain links to various external sites and is not responsible for either the content and/or privacy policies of those sites. We encourage users to observe the relevant privacy policies of those sites before continuing in their use.

While we will endeavor to monitor the contents of petitions that may be created by users of that aspect of our site (when made available) as well as any associated discussion groups, comments or forums. The Alliance for Women is not liable for any offenses, damages, injuries or legal infractions that may be caused as a result an individual’s and/or organization’s use of our site. The Alliance for Women operates as a tool to enhance the ability of South Carolinians to organize, gain access to news, information and to express their opinions as related to the issues of public education and school reform legislation.

Users may be given the option of participating in discussion groups and/or forums to make comments regarding various issues and should understand that the contents of the same are accessible to the public. The Alliance for Women reserves the right to use such public comments for its own marketing purposes.

Regarding security, whenever The Alliance for Women transfers and/or receives certain types of sensitive information, (such as financial information), users will be directed to a secure server for such purposes. We take every precaution to protect our users’ information both on and offline.