Desember 26, 2017

Think Tank Description

This Think Tank is a statewide, non-partisan, collaborative. South Carolina has the fewest women in political office in the nation.

thinktank description

While some are already working to increase the number of women in office, efforts are fragmented. Our Think Tank can create a network and help groups work together.

Think Tank members will organize a plan to:

  • increase the number women running for political office
  • increase the number of women serving on boards and commissions
  • improve the statewide network of women in influential policy roles

Phase One: Fall 2007

We will brainstorm, identify other successful projects, and make recommendations.

Work will include:

  • Identifying leaders–people who are active in the political arena, grass roots leaders, those already encouraging women to run for office, and those who are preparing women for political campaigns or to seek board appointments.
  • Hosting leaders and other interested parties at a meeting led by a nationally-recognized expert. At this meeting, we will identify obstacles and propose ways to improve women’s political participation.
  • Publishing a report of recommendations created by the Think Tank.

Phase Two: Spring 2008

We will test these recommendations around the state, add ideas and evaluate needs by region. Then, our group will publish a strategic plan with goals and assignments, so that we can sustain a network focused on this issue.

We will:

  • Organize focus groups around the state to hear Think Tank recommendations. Our goal is to host 15 meetings and get reaction from 400 women.
  • Follow regional focus groups with a Think Tank meeting and invite women from the focus groups to participate. In this meeting, we’ll develop our strategic plan for increasing the number of women running for office, sitting on boards and commissions, and taking policy leadership roles in South Carolina.

Phase Three: 2008-09

We will implement our strategic plan through women’s centers around the state and gauge our success.

Other Think Tank work will include:

  • Expanding the Alliance Talent Bank to include referral for corporate board openings
  • Surveying South Carolina women about their attitudes toward women in office
  • Finding ways to increase the number of women in state government leadership roles.

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